No Such Thing as a Magic Pill for Weight Loss
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No Such Thing as a Magic Pill
By Bethany Roberts
Why is it that so many people seem to be searching for a magic pill to lose weight? I constantly have people telling me that they "have tried every product there is and they just can not find a product that will help them to lose weight without exercise and diet." People. Wake up. There is no such thing as a magic pill. You cannot expect to just pop a few pills and transform your body. It gets very frustrating for me sometimes because I know how well some products do work when they are used correctly and I try very hard to help people to understand just how to use them correctly.
I am beginning to think that the problem has to do with people having unrealistic expectations about weight loss products. Last time at the weight loss corner we talked about how important it is to have realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss so I guess we need to also talk about having realistic expectations with the weight loss products that you use to assist you in losing weight. I know that advertising has a lot to do with creating false hopes but I would think most people would understand that all products are hyped in order to generate sales and such hyping is not just limited to weight loss products. The ads for most cola's depict people living glamorous lifestyles but does anyone really think the will become a movie star by drinking a cola.
I realize that some companies are worse than others but that should give you a pretty good clue as to how well a product may perform. Since it is impossible for any product to help you to lose weight while you sleep or to lose weight while you eat anything that you want then any product that promises such things is probably worthless. On the other hand, the more reputable companies encourage you to use their products along with diet and exercise and usually contain ingredients that have been proven to assist your body in shedding fat. A couple of excellent articles to read that can help you to find the best weight loss product are: Choosing the Right Product for Weight Loss and Weight Loss Products: Which Ones Work Best?
In order to really understand what a weight loss product can do for you it is necessary to have some understanding of what dietary supplements are and there is a pretty good article here at Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine called Supplement: What Does this Term Really Mean?. Let me further explain that dietary supplements can be broken down into those that improve performance and those that provide raw material for the body. Vitamins are and example of a supplement that is in the "raw material" category. Weight loss products can be classified as a performance booster because they help your body to better do what it can do alone with the right type of exercise and diet. A weight loss product improves the performance of your body in losing weight by making weight loss faster and easier.
In order to get the maximum benefits from a weight loss product you must understand that such a product only assists your body by improving your body's own fat burning ability. People that think they can use such a product as a "magic pill" never lose any weight because they are not using the product correctly. You must make an effort increase your own body's efforts to lose fat otherwise there is nothing for the weight loss product to assist. Some people are able to lose weight with such products without doing much else but that is only because everyone has a metabolism, no matter how low it may be, and some people need less assistance than others. Most people are not so lucky and will need to make some effort to improve their own metabolism before a weight loss product will be able to assist.
By now I am sure that I have burst a few bubbles for some of you but let me just say that while a magic pill does not exist in this World miracles certainly do happen. What I mean is that while you will never lose an ounce by saying incantations or by just popping a pill you certainly can completely transform your body by using the right combination of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements. I have seen the changes that some people have been able to make and when you do not even recognize them in past pictures then to me that is a miracle. So stop looking for a magic pill, which does not exist, and start learning the right way to use weight loss products and soon you will have accomplished your own miracle.

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