Choosing the Right Product for Weight Loss
Weight Loss Corner
Choosing the Right Product for Weight Loss
By Bethany Roberts
The New Year is here and since you are desperate to lose those extra pounds before you have to wear shorts again you have finally decided that you need help and are going to try a weight loss product. You thought that deciding to use a product was the tough decision but now you are faced with "Which One". Choosing between the many different products and types of products can be very confusing but fortunately you have come to the right place and this month I am going to try to help you determine which product is best for you.
As you are already aware there are many different products on the market but what you probably do not realize is that there are also several categories of products from which you can choose. The first type of products that I am going to talk about is those that are considered "Thermogenic". This term means to burn fat and products in this category should do exactly that. They work by boosting metabolism and making it easier for your body to burn fat as an energy source. Thermo Phen Phen and Ripped Fuel are excellent examples of this type of product.
You will probably want to use a thermogenic type product if you need to lose more than 20 lbs in less than three months. These types of products are generally the strongest in that they work the fastest. The downside to this type of product is that not everyone will tolerate them well. Boosting metabolism is another way of saying that they increase your energy levels. Some people love this effect and take such products more for the energy than for the weight loss. Other people do not like the increased energy and feel that such products make them too hyper. There are some ways to decrease this effect (Read How to Use Thermogenics) but generally the people who achieve the best results with this category of product enjoy the added energy and use it to their advantage by combining the thermogenic product with exercise to maximize the fat burning effect.
The next category of products are those that I call the "Blockers". Fat Blocker and Carb Blocker type products are designed to help you lose weight by decreasing the amount of damaging calories that enter your body. These types of products are generally more preventive in nature so they do not directly impact the existing fat stores and therefore take longer to work than a Thermogenic type product. On the positive side they are extremely safe to use since they are not directly absorbed by your body and are intended to "block" the absorption of either fats or carbohydrates. The key to determining whether to use a Fat blocker or a Carb Blocker is dependent upon your diet. If you have a hard time avoiding Fast Food or other high fat food then Fat Blocker is a good choice that can help you to eat more of a low fat diet. Carb Blocker products are pretty much the same as Fat Blocker products except that they work on carbohydrates. If you are addicted to sweets then a Carb Blocker may be right for you.
The third category of products are the ones designed to decrease your appetite. Phenylalanine, St John's Wort, 5-HTP and Hydroxycitric acid (Garcinia Cambogia) are commonly used in weight loss products to help you eat less. If your biggest problem is hunger then you may want to take one or two of these ingredients separately. Some of the better products on the market combine at least one of these ingredients with other ingredients that stimulate metabolism so that you will simultaneously eat less while burning more fat. Since most people need help in both of these areas such a product is highly recommended and can yield excellent results.
The last category of products are the ones that contain nutrients designed to work with and enhance your own body's fat burning ability. These types of products usually work the slowest but are probably the most natural since they just increase what your body can do when you are receiving proper nutrition. The best examples of this type of product are Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine or a Fat Burner product that combines several such ingredients. Some people are able to see great results from this type of product but they usually work the best when they are combined with good eating habits and plenty of exercise. This type of product is also a good alternative for people who cannot tolerate thermogenic products because they will not artificially boost your metabolism.
You will probably notice that many of the actual products on the market will combine different ingredients in different ways. The best products are the ones that use ingredients that will enhance the effect of the other ones as, for example, when L-Carnitine is combined with MaHuang and Guarana to provide more fat as fuel to be burned by the thermogenic ingredients. Unfortunately there are many products where it looks like someone just decided to throw together as many ingredients as possible without giving much thought as to how they might work together. To better understand what benefits different ingredients can provide I highly recommend you read the article Weight Loss Products: Which Ones Work Best? as well as the updated version Weight Loss Products: Which Ones Work Best? 2002 Edition that is available in this issue.
What is probably the best advice that I can give to you is that you may have to try more than one product to find your best fit. Since everyone is different what may work extremely well for your friend may not work for you. Another point to keep in mind is that there may not be just one product that is your solution. Many people combine different types of products in order to increase the overall effect. An example is to use a Fat Blocker with a Thermogenic like Thermo Phen Phen so that you have less fat going into your body while you are simultaneously burning more fat. Another is example is to use a Fat Burner with a Thermo Phen Phen to provide more fat as fuel for the thermogenic ingredients to burn.
In conclusion, the key to choosing the right product or products is to first understand what it is that the products can do and then try to fit them with the needs of your body and your lifestyle. People who are inactive will tend to prefer the stronger Thermogenic products because of their increased metabolism effect. Those with poor dietary habits will gravitate toward Fat Blockers, Carb Blockers and Appetite Suppressants. The more disciplined, who already eat well and exercise, need less help and will probably choose a Fat Burner. As with clothes, there are many choices available so try to find the right product to fit your individual needs and when you do finally make the right choice make sure you use it properly by reading some of my previous articles.

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