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Editor's View
It never ceases to amaze me how little understanding the average person seems to have about natural products and their potential health benefits. I constantly find myself in conversations where I hear comments like "I am afraid to take vitamins because I do not know what kind of side effects might occur" or "I don't know about my son using a protein supplement. Isn't that like using steroids." Can so many people be so ignorant about the needs of their own body and the potential health benefits of natural supplements?
What really amazes me about such conversations is that the people who ask such questions are not usually morons but average people and in some cases even people with advanced degrees. It is hard for me to understand how the Government can spend so much money on education and yet not educate people on the basic needs of their own body. It is any wonder that over half the population is considered obese when so many people have no idea how to provide themselves with proper nutrition.
What may be even worse than the lack of education that most people receive on nutrition is the misinformation and, in some cases, blatant lies that they instead receive from the media about natural alternatives? What else can possible explain why a father would be afraid to buy a protein supplement for his son because he thinks protein may have the same adverse effect as powerful drugs like a steroids. Some people are amazing adamant about what they have heard because it was reported on television and argue unrelentingly even when presented with mountains of evidence countering what they have heard.
As a popular television program is as fond of saying "the truth is out there" and when it comes to using natural supplements finding the truth has a lot to do with knowing where to look. Our intention here at Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine is to provide people with a place where they can find the truth about issues related to improving the look and function of their body. We rely heavily on documented research to support the conclusions that we draw in the articles that we publish so that you can rely on the accuracy of our conclusions. If knowledge truly is the key to understanding then what we do here at Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine is very important and we take our responsibility very seriously
I hope this issue proves valuable to you.
Davey Dunn

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