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By Davey Dunn
A study published in the September 1999 issue of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness examined the effect of Creatine supplementation on sixteen elite ice-hockey players. The study done by the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, tested subjects on a cycle test involving 5 all-out sprints of 15 sec duration separated by 15 second recovery with the resistance set at 0.075 body mass (kg), and 6 timed 80-m skating sprints with the sprints initiated every 30 seconds and a split time taken at 47 meters. Results showed that the average mean power output for the group that was supplemented with Creatine was significantly higher than the group that was not supplemented with Creatine. Researchers concluded that Creatine supplementation has an ergogenic effect in elite ice-hockey players.
COMMENTARY: The study just reinforces what has been previously shown in other studies that Creatine supplementation will increase power output in anaerobic activities.
WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THIS STUDY?: Hockey is yet another sport where players can benefit from Creatine supplementation.
Jones AM, Atter T, Georg KP. J Sports Med Phys Fitness 1999 Sep;39(3):189-96
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