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Editor's View
The second issue of Nutrition & Health OnLine is now live. So far the response from readers has been great. In fact, we have not received one complaint, which is extremely rare for almost any type of endeavor. Usually there is at least someone who has something negative to say. I am sure the time will come but for now I am very thankful to those of you who sent us all the positive e-mails.
Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine has certainly made things a lot easier for those of us who try to answer all the e-mail we get at InterNUTRITION. While the first issue of Nutrition & Health OnLine certainly did not cover every topic on Nutrition and Training it did cover enough of some of the most common questions that we get. It is definitely a lot easier on us to direct someone to a comprehensive article that answers their question. It is also much better for the person asking the question because they get a detailed answer. While we make an effort to reply to all our e-mail it is impossible to thoroughly answer each one.
I have already grown to like the Questions & Answers section because it allows me an opportunity to give a thorough response to a question that someone has asked. We try to pick questions that have as broad an appeal as possible based on the number of similar questions.
Lately it seems like we are getting a lot of questions concerning weight loss and which products work the best for losing excess fat. Around New Years there always seems to be an increase in the amount of people trying to lose weight so in addition to our normal Weight Loss Corner our next issue will have at least one feature article devoted to weight loss. Check back on February 1 to see exactly what it covers.
I hope that this issue will be as warmly received as the last one was. As always, as long as one person derives a benefit from the information contained herein then it will have been worth all the hard work it took to complete this issue. Let me take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will see you again in the next Millennium. Till Then.
Davey Dunn

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