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By Davey Dunn
Q.  I see a lot of ads for weight loss aids such as Metabolife and Thermo Phen Phen. Are any of these safe to use while Breast Feeding?
A.  I would recommend that you avoid using any of the products that contain stimulants like Caffeine or MaHuang because they could be passed on to your child. Try a product like Fat Blocker that contains no stimulants. Fat Blocker only contains Chitosan, Psyllium, and Oat Bran, which are all types of fiber and therefore are not absorbed by the body. Fat Blocker will help reduce the amount of fat in your meals and help you to lose some of that post-pregnancy weight without posing a risk to your child while your are breast feeding.
Q.  I would like to take a weight loss product like Thermo Phen Phen or Ripped Fuel but I have heard that products like these will increase your blood pressure. Is this true?
A.  Products that contain MaHuang and Guarana will increase your blood pressure in the short-term but do not increase blood pressure long-term. This is a very important distinction because the hypertension or high blood pressure that Doctors refer to as being an indicator of serious illness is always the long-term kind. If this were not the case then it would be dangerous for people to exercise because your blood pressure increases dramatically when you engage in any strenuous activity. The blood pressure of weightlifters, for example, who have had their blood pressure measured during a lift has been recorded as high as 800 over 600. Of course this high reading returned to normal within a few hours after performing the lift and it is the same for people using products with MaHuang and Guarana. Once you quit using the products your blood pressure will return to whatever it was before you started using the product.
Q.  I recently had my annual physical for work and this year my blood pressure was higher than normal so now I have to take medication. I had been using Ripped Fuel to lose some weight and my Doctor said that is what had caused the increase. Is there another product I can use to lose weight that will not increase my blood pressure?
A.  As I explained in the previous question, a product like Ripped Fuel will not cause long term increases in blood pressure. If your Doctor really thought that Ripped Fuel was the cause of your blood pressure increase then they either do not understand the difference between short-term and long-term increases in blood pressure or they were just looking for an excuse to put you on medication. The fact that you were only tested once and then placed on medication is a pretty good indicator of their motives.
A reputable Doctor would have had you tested more than once before putting you on medication because there are many factors that can cause elevated blood pressure in the sort term that have nothing to do with disease or illness. If you had your physical just after you finished working out then that could have caused the increase in your blood pressure since strenuous activity causes a short-term blood pressure increase that can last for hours after you finish your workout. You can also have higher than normal blood pressure if you are nervous, or are ingesting certain types of stimulants, which a product like Ripped Fuel does contain. The best advice I can give you is to find a new Doctor and explain the circumstances to them and then have your blood pressure and cardiovascular system more thoroughly tested to see if you really do need medication before you endanger your health by taking prescription drugs when there is no reason to use them.
If it does turn out that you have had a long-term blood pressure increase then you will probably want to avoid using weight loss products with stimulants like MaHuang and Guarana. The general feeling is that since these products will speed up your heart rate they can put you at a greater risk of having a stroke or heart attack if you are already are at risk however there has never been any evidence to support this theory. The good news is there are plenty of excellent weight loss products that do not contain stimulants that you can use. A product like Fat Blocker is a good safe choice. You could also use a Fat Burner type product but be careful and read the ingredients since some of them still contain stimulants.
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