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Last night I was watching television when a commercial for a fast food restaurant came on that called their food "high performance human fuel." Unbelievable. In reality the product that most fast food restaurants offer is of such low nutritional value that it barely even qualifies as food and here they are making it sound like there food will turbocharge your body. If this is not false advertising then I don't know what is.
What really ticks me off is that most of the companies that actually do make products that can dramatically boost the performance of the human body are reluctant to even tell what the product is supposed do for fear of sanctions from the FDA. I guess it all depends on how much money an industry spends on lobbyists and political donations. The negative health consequences of eating fast food on a regular basis are at least as dire as smoking cigarettes and yet you never hear a peep out of the media saying anything negative about McDonalds or Ralleys. If that isn't bad enough and now we have to listen to a total lie about fast food being "high performance human fuel."
Excuse me for ranting just a bit. I guess I have just heard too many lies lately what with the political elections and all. Our main article this month has a little more serious tone than is usually the case. Steroids are a big temptation for anyone wanting to gain muscle fast. Most the other magazines in this business are either afraid to talk about steroids or in some cases actually promote their use. If you are contemplating taking a shortcut to improving you physique then please read this article. Steroids will wreak havoc with your life one-way or the other and we wanted you to know the truth.
Davey Dunn


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