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Top Ten Principles for Weight Loss
By Bethany Roberts
Weight loss season is officially here again. I am sure that many of you made New Years Resolutions to lose weight before you have to put on a swimsuit again. While I try to encourage people to make living healthy a year round effort, I understand that there are certain times of the year when it becomes more imperative to drop some extra weight. I decided that this year instead of trying to fight having a "weight loss season" I would instead try to help people as much as possible. For this month's article I tried to put together my top ten principles to use to lose weight.
(1)Set Realistic Goals. The reason so many people give up when they try to lose weight is because they set unrealistic goals. You are not going to lose in three months what it took you ten years to put on. Try setting smaller goals like ten pounds over the next 3 months. That way if you only lose eight you will not get discouraged and give up.
(2)Lose Weight Slowly. If you lose more than a pound a week you are losing muscle. Muscle is what gives you metabolism so if you decrease your muscle you slow your metabolism and make it even more difficult to lose weight. The key is to lose fat while maintaining your muscle. If you can do this you will be able to keep the weight off much easier. The only way to lose mainly fat is by slowly losing weight.
(3)Eat More Meals. Smaller Portions. You need to eat to provide nourishment to your body. By eating four or five small nutritious meals your body stores a lost less of what you eat as fat.
(4)Cut Out The Fat. We have talked about it in past articles but once again let me repeat that you get fat by eating too much fat. There is an overwhelming amount of research data that shows this. On the other hand, there is very little legitimate data that shows people get fat by eating protein or carbohydrates.
(5)Get Complete Nutrition Your body needs the right kind of fuel to function. Avoid fast food like the plague and try to eat real meals that contain low fat food. Since it is virtually impossible to get everything you need from food I also recommend you take a good multi-vitamin at least once a day.
(6)Ditch the Sodas If you work in an office where everyone drinks sodas then look around. It is no coincidence if everyone is also overweight. Drinking sugar in liquid form is almost like injecting fat right into your body.
(7)Pump Iron. At the very least you need to maintain your muscle while you lose weight. Even better would be to gain a few pounds of muscle because that would speed up your metabolism. Women in particular tend to avoid lifting weights for a variety of reasons but if you are serious about losing weight you should include it in your exercise program.
(8)Use a Thermogenic. Thermogenic means to burn fat and there are many decent products on the market that make it easier to burn more fat. Use a product like Ripped Fuel, Thermo Phen Phen or Ripped Fast II in the morning to jumpstart your body to start burning calories and again right before you exercise to help give you extra energy during your workout.
(9)Use a Fat Blocker. Use some type of product with Chitosan in it to help reduce your fat intake. You should still try to eat low fat meals on your own but for those times when you can't a Fat Blocker product can really save you.
(10)Make Lifestyle Changes. The reason diets do not work is because they are a sacrifice and no one has enough willpower to continuously sacrifice. There are plenty of foods that taste good and are also healthy. The key is to set up your life so that you eat these kinds of foods. You may have to start making your own lunch instead of eating out if your only choices are fast food. Start forming the right habits and weight loss becomes easy.

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