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Editor's View
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Nutrition & Health OnLine. I am extremely excited to be a part of this undertaking because I think it is only a matter of time before NHO becomes the premiere source for training and nutrition information. I know that is a bold statement to make but there are two key factors that give me such optimism.
The first is the awesome power of the Internet to disseminate knowledge and information. Print media just can not compete with the interactive nature of the web. There are so many advantages to an on-line publication. For example, how many times have you read a good article and then forgotten about it until a couple of months later when you remember part of the article but not quite all of it. If only you could read that article again. What you read in the article describes exactly what you are going through today in your training. What a difference it could make. Oh well. You loaned it to a buddy who dropped it in the water while soaking in the tub. Totaled. You will never face such a problem with Nutrition & Health OnLine because every article will always be at your beckon call. You see an on line magazine is really much more than a magazine. It is more like an archive of information. Starting with this issue every issue will be preserved on line forever. Each month the information will increase until after a couple of years it will be a virtual plethora of nutrition and training knowledge
The second reason is something that I think everyone who works out and uses supplements can relate to. I am sick an tired of reading so called magazines that are nothing more than product catalogs for the Supplement Company that owns them. Some of them are so bad that they only talk positively about products that are made by them. Anything that is not made by them is either bogus or has no "scientific evidence" according to them. This brings me to another point. The term "scientific evidence" as used by most of these publications is a joke. I could do a whole article on this topic and may in fact do so in the future but right now for the sake of brevity let me put it this way. At the risk of somewhat plagiarizing a great World War II speech by General Patton let me just say that most of the so called experts in today's muscle magazines don't know anymore about real science than they do about fornicating.
The other problem with magazines owned and supported by supplement companies is that all they care about is supplements because that is what they sell. You rarely find a decent article on training in those types of publications. The truth of the matter is that training is at least as important as supplementation and probably much more important. Think about it. If you don't train at all and take every supplement in the world will you grow muscle? Not an ounce. Look at it the other way. If you train and do not take any supplements will you make gains? I know quite a few people who have including myself. That is why it is our objective to provide equal amounts of training information and nutritional information because we feel both are very important to developing a great body. Take a look at the rest of this issue and you will find two great articles on training: "Basics of Training: Part 1" and "How Should You Train?"
I hope that you will find some of the information contained in this issue to be useful. That is the sole objective of this publication: to provide useful information to people seeking to enhance their physical attributes and improve their athletic performance. As long as we fulfill that objective then we are going to be successful. Considering the objectives of the other magazines in this business I have a feeling Nutrition & Health OnLine is going to end up being much more to a lot of people
Davey Dunn


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