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By Davey Dunn
Q.  I work during the day and must workout at night after I get off. I know that I will make the best gains if I Squat and Deadlift but trying to do them after a full day of work is pretty rough. Do you have any suggestions?
A.  I have been there myself so I know what you are talking about. You work all day and then when you try to get after it on a heavy lift like Squats or Deadlifts there is just no gas left in the tank. You are right when you say you will make your best gains by performing these lifts so what is the answer for someone that must work all day. There are several alternatives the first being to schedule these tough lifts on an off day like Saturday when you are fully rested. You really only need to train Squats and Deadlifts once a week anyways so if you have a few hours free on the weekend then this is your best alternative.
If you do not have time on the weekend and must do these lifts during the week then you are probably going to need some help from supplements. Weight loss products like Thermo Phen Phen or Ripped Fuel can really give you a boost if you take some about 30 minutes prior to your workout. Do not let the fact that they are weight loss products dissuade you from using them. I have a good friend who is the strength coach for one of the top NCAA basketball teams and he loves to use Thermo Phen Phen just before his workout because of the energy boost if gives him and the way it makes him feel. The key to using a weight loss product for energy is to only use it right before your workout and take one to two servings at that time. If you use it this way the only weight you will lose will be fat and you will probably end up gaining extra muscle because of the increased intensity of your workouts. Something else that will give you a good boost is about 200mg of Androstenedione also about 30 minutes prior to your workout. You can use both the Androstenedione and Thermo Phen Phen together and believe me you will definitely feel like Superman when they are combined.
Q.  I would like to use Fat Blocker but I have heard that it will prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Is this true?
A.  There is no research available to answer this question but if you think about it there is no logical reason to believe that any of the ingredients in Fat Blocker would prevent the absorption of vitamins or minerals. Fat Blocker only contains Fiber, which is a dietary substance that is not digested by the body and thus just passes through. Fiber is a natural cleansing agent that is contained in all of the fruits and vegetables that you eat. Since fiber does not prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals then does it make since that Chitosan, a type of fiber found in shellfish, would have this effect? Of course not.
Have you ever noticed that any time there is a natural ingredient that is effective for weight loss there are always unsubstantiated rumors concerning something negative about that ingredient? The smear campaign perpetrated by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex against weight loss products containing Ephedra or MaHuang would easily rival the best propaganda disseminated by the Nazis during the 1930's. (See The Ephedra Debate: Do You Know the Truth?) Here we go again with Chitosan and Fat Blocker products. What may be the best proof of the effectiveness of natural products are the lengths to which the Pharmaceutical companies will go to prevent people from using anything that is not under their control. Judge for yourself whether or not this is the case with Chitosan but there is no evidence that it will prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Q.  I have heard that St. John's Wort will interfere with some birth control medications. Do you know whether this is true?
A.  As with the previous question on Fat Blocker I searched through all the available research and could find NOTHING to confirm what you have heard. St. John's Wort is an extremely effective antidepressant that is better than similar prescription medication because it does not have the same dangerous side effects that are common in drugs. Add to this the fact that you can purchase a bottle for around $ 9.00 and you have a very serious threat to the billions in profits that Pharmaceutical companies make each year on prescriptions antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. I just talked about the extent to which these giant companies will go to protect their profits in the previous question so do we really need to speculate any further as to where this negative rumor about St. John's Wort may have originated.
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