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How to Use Thermogenics
By Bethany Roberts
Many people trying to lose weight wonder whether or not they should use some type of thermogenic weight loss product. I have always favored the use of such products because I feel it is taking advantage of the latest technology. To me the reasons are very similar to the reasons we drive cars. Most people can still travel by walking but they choose to use a car because it is so much faster and in most instances the only practical choice. The same is true with thermogenic weight loss products. Of course you can still lose some weight without using such a product but it will be much harder and ultimately you will probably not lose as much. The real question involving thermogenic products should not be if you use them but rather how and when to use them since the way they are used is critical to success in losing bodyfat.
The first step is to make sure and choose the right product to use so that you will achieve maximum results. Thermogenic, by definition, means to burn fat and according to several studies the three most effective natural ingredients for burning fat are Mahuang, Guarana, and White Willow combined. There are many products on the market that contain one or two of these ingredients but pitifully few that contain all three. Another thing to watch for is the amount per serving of these key ingredients. Many products do not even give the amount instead listing the ingredients as part of a "proprietary blend" which usually means the amount is very low. For best results make sure the product you purchase contains at least 334 mg of MaHuang, 910 mg of Guarana, and 50 mg of White Willow per serving.
Once you have the right product the next step is to determine the most efficient way to use it based upon your own goals and the requirements of your body. Ingredients like MaHuang and Guarana can have a powerful effect upon your adrenal system, which can cause you to become extremely agitated if your body is overly sensitive. The best way to start using a thermogenic product is by taking less than a full dose in the morning so that you can judge how your body is responding. You should experience a slight increase in energy and possible a slight decrease in appetite when you are taking the proper dosage. If your heart starts racing and you feel lightheaded or nauseous then you have taken more than you need and should reduce the dosage. You may have to experiment for a couple of days to determine the right dose since there is a wide range for this type of product.
Once you have found the right dosage then you need to decide how often to use the product during the day. It is best to use the minimum amount necessary to achieve your goal of lowering bodyfat. Many people have found that a single dosage in the morning is enough to increase their energy levels and curb their appetite throughout the day. Others must take a dosage every three or four hours in order to maintain the same effect. The most important thing to remember, however, is to never exceed the maximum daily dosage which each product will list on the label. Products that contain MaHuang are extremely safe and effective but only when the maximum dosage is not exceeded.
Another consideration in determining the right dosage is how often you exercise. Since the combination of MaHuang, Guarana, and White Willow are potent stimulants they work extremely well when taken just before a workout. In this way you not only obtain increased energy for your workout but you also provide your body with the fat burning ingredients at a time when you are naturally burning more fat. Because of this effect, most people like to take a slightly higher than normal dosage, like maybe a serving and a half, right before their workout. If you adopt this strategy as part of your usage plan you need to compensate for the increased dosage before the workout by taking less at other times on that day.
One of the biggest complaints heard from people that have used thermogenic products is that the product will work very well for a couple of weeks but then quit working. This is a common effect of products that stimulate your adrenal glands because your body will try to compensate for the increased stimulation by increasing your tolerance to the MaHuang and Guarana. There are several strategies that can be used to combat this effect. One is to slowly increase the dosage as the effects lessen and then drastically reduce the dosage for a week when you have reached the maximum dosage. After a week you begin the cycle again which can usually be stretched out for 3 or 4 weeks. Another effective strategy is to only use the product on workout days a maximum of 3 or 4 days a week so that your body never has a chance to build up a tolerance. This works well for people that do not need to lose a lot of weight or who are just trying to maintain their present bodyfat level.
Another complaint that is heard is that the products work well for losing weight but once usage is stopped the weight is regained. This problem is another effect of improper usage caused by not understanding how and why to use such products. You cannot expect to just rely on a thermogenic product to lose weight. As we discussed in the previous paragraph, your body will quickly become more tolerant to the ingredients that cause you to lose weight and eventually you will not be able to increase the dosage enough to compensate. If you use the products instead as a way to more easily lose bodyfat while also exercising and dieting you should be able to decrease the usage when you reach your target weight because you have also corrected the reason you gained weight in the first place.
Don't be afraid to try a thermogenic product now that you know how to use them properly. Some people have achieved some remarkable results with such products when they have used them in the proper manner. If you will also proceed in sensible manner and combine your thermogenic product with a good low fat diet and exercise program then you should also be able to achieve some great results.

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